The Poppies Room is a loved environment where children can separate from their primary caregivers in a caring, calm, nurturing, friendly and safe place. Emotional needs are paramount at this age and the educators ensure that the children are emotionally comforted through lots of cuddles, kisses, hugs, reassurance and warmth.

As the room caters from the very young to toddler, the structure of the room is adjusted to reflect this. Younger children are provided with lots of visually stimulating experiences such as mobiles and ribbons, cushions and comfort toys, while the older children can play with more sophisticated toys, such as blocks and puzzles. In addition, the room is structured around activities to allow older children the opportunity to build concentration yet allow the younger children freedom to explore. As with all rooms, educator's maintain detailed individual records on every child's skills and developmental stages, to use as reference points when developing their program plans.

Individual routines are followed in the Poppies Room so that children who require two or three naps per day co-exist with those who need only one nap per day. All children have their own bedding which is laundered at Co-op.

A wide range of art experiences is offered including playdoh, painting, crayons as well as messy play: sand, water, dirt, bubbles and goop. The Poppies room also provides lots of music, movement for all ages, stories, group time, songs, nursery rhymes and action rhymes to ensure that the children are stimulated in a variety of ways. A separated outdoor play area is provided, away from the children in the other rooms if needed.

The Poppies Room also runs an “indoor-outdoor” program which means that anything that is outside can be brought inside and anything that is inside can be brought outside. This facilitates outside type activities being played in rainy weather to continually improve gross motor skill development.